Landscape Updates

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Hello Teal Lake Village Neighbors,

We want to introduce ourselves to let you know we are your representatives on the TLVA Landscape and Contracts Committee appointed by the Board of Directors. As volunteer members of the committee, Mary Ellen Meryhew, Chuck Gerstenberger and Phyllis Waldenberg, we will share the responsibilities of the TLVA Landscape Chair. Each of us has a section of the Village we represent, along with Glenn Waldenberg, Landscape Chair. The Committee Member listed is your representative when you have questions or issues regarding landscaping. See the chart below to locate your address and your representative.

The committee was formed in October of 2023 to assist the Landscape Chair. You should have recently received the email notice from Glenn regarding why a committee was formed. We will be involved in oversight of the landscape contractor’s work, and you might see us walking around the neighborhood, including on private property to insure all services of the contract are being performed satisfactorily. Please contact us on the Landscape Contact Form found on this website with any questions, concerns or problems regarding landscape maintenance services. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope to see you around the Village!

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