Teal Lake Village

"Village in the Woods by a Bay"

Teal Lake Village is a unique Port Ludlow neighborhood with landscape maintenance, spectacular views and sidewalks.  Best of all, we're friendly neighbors! (except for that one guy)

Teal Lake Village Association — PO Box 65011 — Port Ludlow, WA 98365

Aerial Tour of Teal Lake Village 
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(Courtesy of F. Wickeham)

About Us - 
Teal Lake Village Association is a homeowners' association in Port Ludlow, Washington. We govern the ninety-eight lots of Teal Lake Village. Our houses are all single family, stand-alone buildings.  Our owners are members of the South Bay Community Association, and they participate in the benefits and rules of that umbrella homeowners' association.
For a MAP of where we are Click HERE   -----  For a MAP of the Port Ludlow trail system Click HERE
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